The Transience

Press Release February 2017

The TRANSIENCE weave the Fabulous and the Magickal. That which lies Betwixt and Between. They create doorways into worlds which may or may not exist.

An Elemental Cycle Of Life and Death in Four Acts is an intense and intimate experience of art, theatre and shamanic story weaving. Each moment is sitespecific and can stand alone, yet will also flow into the next journey… Quest with us. Step into The Gloaming.

An Elemental Cycle Of Life and Death in Four Acts
10th May Wednesday 7:30pm Act I - Water: Decisions £15
11th May Thursday 10:00pm Act II - Fire: Consequences £15
12th May Friday 8:00pm Act III - Air: Beyond £15
13th May Saturday 4:00pm Act IV - Earth: Renewal £15
14th May Sunday Sunrise… Act V - Spirit: Truth £15/FREE

the TRANSIENCE, newly forged of the Ancient Ways, invite you into an initiation through the cycles of life, death and rebirth. Lose or find yourself, there is no telling which. Be clear of your certainties, for there are no second chances. You will not find Them again however much you try...

Spaces that are sacred, that are liminal, that are gateways to the mysterious and the magickal are with us everywhere. The paved roads of Wandsworth don’t matter, only the paths you make or choose as you set your feet. None of our Wandsworth venues are traditional theatre spaces. The quest, the ritual begins the minute you buy your ticket. We will reveal our secret locations and sacred spaces to you in many wonderful ways as you prepare for your journey; you will be guided in a variety of forms to the right location. Trust in us and make the leap.
These are the plunges we are inviting you to take...

Act I - Water: Decisions
Dive into glorious oblivion or awaken what lurks beneath, which do you choose? Step right up! Let’s see what you could have won… Careful the clock is ticking... One wrong move and under you go! The promise is of Fae enchantments, but is that good or bad?

Act II - Fire: Consequences
Dicing with death, would you pass the test if you were put on trial? Would you stake your life on it? What dare you not share, lest ye be judged? And what could make you condemn another to hell? Something wicked this way comes...

Act III - Air: Beyond
What are you scared of? What whispers to you on the wind? Where are you sitting lost and forgotten? Where does your sanity hide its true face? For even in the hidden, the frightened, the hopeless, is there not a glimpse of redemption?

Act IV - Earth: Renewal
What would it feel like for even a single solitary moment, if you were truly seen? If in that seeing you were held? Nourished? Nurtured? Loved? Offered hope? What then? Are we not all deserving of compassion and, just once, of unconditional love?

(Act V - Spirit: Truth
Attending any one of our four acts will enable you to buy into this occult, fifth act of Spirit. Navigate your way through all four acts and transcend to the Spirit gratis as our gift to you...)

Dare you sink into a world without conscience? Take a journey deeper into an experience of yourself by being taken out of yourself. We will show you the unexpected in the familiar, the fear in a handful of dust and the love which echoes when only the stillness remains