Birth of a Nation - Stage

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Birth of a Nation ..a political comedy by David House

“Smoothly accomplished … Will remain relevant for years to come” – London Theatre Bookings (****)

‘Comparable to the satirical wit of Armando Iannucci’s The Thick of It’ – London Theatre 1

We’re out of the EU! The Labour party is crumbling from within! The NHS moves steadily closer to privatisation and the Tory government has a shiny new PM! Life is great. Isn’t it?

Joe is a fresh faced, hot shot Conservative MP. Internationally aware and sympathetic to the working classes but a realist in a time of social and political upheaval. As Britain finds itself in uncertain turmoil and Labour bicker amongst themselves, the Tories aim to look strong and make Joe an international superstar of right wing politics, the face on the frontline of a new Conservative party. But are Joe’s left-wing leanings at odds with what the party wants from him?

Birth of a Nation is a political comedy that takes a satirical swipe at the failings of a Tory government riddled with NHS pains, Boris Johnson and Brexit.

The play began as a 15 minute piece for an Actor Awareness scratch night and was developed into a 1 act play for Theatre N16 by theatre company Indigochild Arts who are planning to develop the piece further.

Directed by Gaz Wilson
Written by David House
Madhav Vasantha as Joe, Conservative MP
Kate O'Rourke as Kelly, Conservative Backbencher
David House as Tony, Conservative Backbencher
Elaine Fellows as Manda, Joe's stepdaughter, leftwing dance student.
Ida Di Terlizzi as Edi, Italian Arts student, Manda's girlfriend
Lois Temel as Martha, International Lawyer, Joe's wife and Manda's mother