Acting is the mechanism for everything I wish to share with the world. As an art form, it’s the outlet in which I find I am most able to speak with my true voice and express my love of all. It drives my heart to beat and it energizes all I do; it is my life long journey, the ecosystem in which I live and thrive.

I feel very fortunate to be able to make this art into a career that I love.

Acting was always something I wanted to do, even as a small child. I used to love listening to plays on Radio 4 and watching old black and white movies - I was completely obsessed with the glamour of Hollywood during its golden era.

From my first professional appearance in Casualty in 2005/6, I've enjoyed opportunities to appear in many productions, for the stage as well as film and television. I am currently touring internationally with my one-woman show, Beerey, which I also wrote. It is a project close to my heart as it focuses attention on a real-life struggle for justice for 'The Freshwater Five,' five men who were wrongly convicted of smuggling cocaine in 2011. I wanted to tell the usually unheard story of how the men's imprisonment affected the lives of their families.
For a full resume of my acting career, please have a look at page here.

I was completely obsessed with the glamour of Hollywood during its golden era.

My career took a set-back when in 2007 I was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis inside my face. It took the best part of 10 years, and multiple surgeries – including a couple of pioneering procedures - to rebuild me. I also needed lots of medication and treatments like respiratory physio and speech therapy to get back to normal.

In 2015 a friend bought me an evening class at RADA to help with my speech therapy and recovering my voice. This lead to me being invited to apply for more in-depth acting courses there… and the rest is history! I spent a wonderful year at RADA which changed my world, my approach to acting (and to myself!) and strengthened my resolve to get back onto the stage and screen. It set in motion the richness of life I enjoy today and where it will lead in the future. Taking that first step opened the doors to opportunities and connections with wonderful people I otherwise would have never known.

Acting is a busy life, and although I’m lucky enough to spend time living and working all around the world – home is where the heart is! In my case this is the Isle of Wight where I spent most of my older childhood and my family (and beloved Maine Coon cat Lady) still live.

Being brought up so close to the sea meant that I had a magical childhood, and even today my favourite pastimes are connected with the beach - swimming, walking, beachcombing, and messing about in boats. As a child I even used to catch my own seafood! My best-loved beach is one that is hidden away from the general tourist trail, where oak woodlands meet soft white sand and clear blue water. It’s my little slice of paradise.

I am endlessly curious, especially about people – I love to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and try to understand what makes others feel and think as they do. I love to share their stories, so we can all understand each other a little better and feel a little more seen and a little more accepted and loved. I will to continue using what gifts I have for this purpose for as long as I live.