Lois Temel

Acting is the mechanism for everything I wish to share with the world. As an art form, it’s the outlet in which I find I am most able to speak with my true voice and express my love of all. It drives my heart to beat and it energizes all I do; it is my life long journey, the ecosystem in which I live and thrive.

I feel very fortunate to be able to make this art into a career that I love. 

Acting was always something I wanted to do, even as a small child. I used to love listening to plays on Radio 4 and watching old black and white movies - I was completely obsessed with the glamour of Hollywood during its golden era. 

From my first professional appearance in Casualty in 2005/6, I've enjoyed opportunities to appear in many productions, for the stage as well as film and television. I am currently touring internationally with my one-woman show, Beerey, which I also wrote. It is a project close to my heart as it focuses attention on a real-life struggle for justice for 'The Freshwater Five,' five men who were wrongly convicted of smuggling cocaine in 2011. I wanted to tell the usually unheard story of how the men's imprisonment affected the lives of their families.

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